GorillaPro HB Fuller

H.B. Fuller and Gorilla Glue® combine technology, innovation, and unbridled brute strength to deliver the next evolution of solutions for countless industrial fixes, through GorillaPro, a professional grade line of products for the maintenance, repair, and operations professionals Brand Development.

We helped H.B. Fuller brand the new line of products, from logo development to package design, and developed strategies for promotions including social, digital, and influencer campaigns, to seriously disrupt an industry that for decades has been overshadowed by one or two legacy brands.


Brand Development

Gorilla Pro Logo
Go Pro Call to Action
Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Gorilla Pro
Gorilla Pro Tagline
Gorilla Pro Packaging
GorillaPro Epoxies
Gorilla Pro helmets
Richard Rawlings GorillaPro Gas Monkey Garage
Gorilla Pro Stamp and Tagline- What's In Your Toolbox?
Gorilla Pro Product Line
Gorilla Pro Descriptor - Adhesives - Sealan - Lubricants
Gorilla Pro Retaining Compound
Gorilla Pro Threadlocker Application
Gorilla Pro Brand Development Materials