EarthX Earth Day Texas

We helped environmental nonprofit EarthX with brand and digital strategies as it transitioned from in-person events to live-streaming virtual events, and then to the streaming media network known as EarthxTV. From its sophisticated and nimble website, to mission-forward campaigns and promotions, and a brand system equipped to handle rapid change, we helped create a sustainable marketing ecosystem that performs better and does more, no matter where it’s headed next.

Web Development


EarthX Website Holmes Millet


Earthx2019 Website


Earthx2020 Website

Brand Development

EarthX Change Happens Here Logo
Earthx2020 Logo
EarthxTV Our Planet. From Every Side. Logo
EarthxEvents Logo
EarthX Icon Badge
EarthxConference Logo
EarthxFilm A Festival for Our Future Logo
EarthxNews Logo


Print & Graphic Design

Earthx2021 Posters
EarthxImpact Book
Earthx2020 Handout Booklet
Earthx2021 Brochure
Earthx2021 EXPO Map
EarthX Presentation Folder
Earthx2018 Speaker Series Booklet


EXPO Earthx2021 Billboard
Earthx2021 Kiosk Design
EarthxLeague Banners
Earthx2021 Banners