bestolife brand development

In the highly volatile oil & gas industry, thread compound manufacturer BESTOLIFE needed a way to raise brand awareness, boost sales, and stand out from its competitors. Our work for BESTOLIFE has included a new brand identity and collateral, comprehensive product launch campaigns, a new website, SEO, social media management, animation and video production, exhibit booth design, and advertising strategies to showcase the company’s rich history and support its dominance in a competitive business landscape.

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BESTOLIFE® Before and After Logo

We modernized the BESTOLIFE brand family in a way that retains its 80 year heritage, yet positions the company as forward-thinking and modern. Then we developed a sub-brand strategy for new product categories designed for new market expansion.

BESTOLIFE® Business Card Print Design Collateral
BESTOLIFE® Honeykote® Stinger® Water Well
BESTOLIFE® Logo badge and mascot
BESTOLIFE® Business Cards
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